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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Long term care per diem 2022

Instructions and Help about Long term care per diem 2022

Good afternoon everyone my name is Eve coopersmith and I am a partner director at Garfunkel wild I want to welcome you to today's webinar regarding the long term care requirements we are going to be discussing phase two I'm here today with my partner Nick stone who drove down from Albany show thanks for coming down today glad it's Friday - so I'm sure you all are as well and we have a fairly ambitious agenda today as you may notice from the slides that we're going to get into so our plan is to take questions at the end on your screens you should see in the upper right hand corner a little box where you can ask questions so as you as we go through the materials today if you want to just add your questions there we will get to them at the end of today's program and we will reserve some time for that so I'm going to get right to it and move along today the agenda is going to include a brief overview of phase one phase two and phase three of the long-term care requirements as you know this was the first major overhaul of nursing home regulation in 25 years and phase one went into effect in November of last year phase two goes into effect in November of this year and phase three is for 2022 today's main focus is going to be on baseline care planning the specialized services that are required in phase two a little bit on residents rights and transfer discharge requirements the facility-wide assessment and the development of a quality assurance performance improvement plan slide three lists all of the different regulations that were changed as part of phase one it was really quite a big change as you can see from all the different areas listed on this slide and I'll just mention a few things that you know about some of the changes that were made here with respect to freedom from abuse neglect and exploitation as you know there's a new definition of abuse now which means a willful and deliberate act there is no need to show intent the term exploitation is a new term and it means taking advantage of a resident for personal gain through use or manipulation intimidation threats for coercion there was a slight tweak in the definition of misappropriation which includes deliberate misplacement wrongful temporary or permanent use of any residents belongings so that's the kind of detail that you see in some of these regulations you'll notice that quality of life was separated from quality of care that was done to demonstrate that quality of life is a fundamental principle that has to apply to all the facilities services and as you know it's a hot topic to focus on what activities a nursing home is offering to residents they certainly should include activities that are within the facility and outside of the facility.


How does a person find out about volunteering at assisted living or long term care centers for the elderly?
The best way is to go directly to a facility in your area and ask if they need any volunteers. But be advised that many ALF’s either don’t really need any volunteers on a regular basis or they don’t want unqualified persons dealing with their residents. Also, in many states, a criminal background check is mandatory for anyone working in or around seniors.
How long does it take to fall in love with someone? What does it take?
I believe that I have the very best answer.There is no definitive amount of time...for males or females or anything other and in between. Let me explain It's not as if it takes exactly x months or exactly x days or x hours. And upon this, I believe some people can take less than a day--and some can take years. There's immature love, mature love, selfish love, unconditional love, puppy love, and so on and so forth and they are not tied to how long it takes or the age or gender of the person falling.Of course your age or how young you are mentally plays a role in it too, because very young people usually have an ill-conceived misinterpretation of what real and true love is. They are usually more prone to puppy love or to immature and purely physical infatuation/lust.But I do believe that when you ARE in love, when you realise that you're falling and falling deeper and deeper, there's no denying it. You just know. So really, it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as the feeling is real and irrefutable, and that you have gotten to know and love the person, rather than their money, looks, persona, status, connections, etc.On top of this, if you met up with a person once for a couple hours each month, for a year/12 months... and you realised you fell in love,  it took "a year" to fall in love. (even though really it took about 12 meetings x 2 hours = 24 hours total with them and the time in between to fantasise and miss them) whereas if you spent 6 hours a day with someone each week day for a couple weeks, it "only took you two weeks" (when really it took you 6h×5 days a week x2 = 60 hours  total with them and the time in between to fantasise and miss them). a year = really 24 hours VSTwo weeks = really 60 hoursDo you see what I mean?It's more about the quality and less than the quantity of the time. And it's also about the kind of love.There is no magic formula.But when you're in love, you KNOW. For the type of love that is strong and pure enough, that is. Not puppy love or lust.Expanding on this, I think for certain people and types of love, it can take less than a really great 20 minute conversation! to learn about and adore someone's personality. Then later to keep thinking about them and turn this into being in love. Whereas for other people, depending on the person and the conversations, it can take months/years! Again though, there's a difference between loving someone and who they are, between puppy loving or coveting someone's looks/some other shallow thing besides who they are, and between being in love with them and who they are.There are many differnet types and ways of falling in love, and there are differnet depths and growths and developing stages of it! I hope this helped! :)
How do you get over a long term relationship in which you found out you cared more than they did?
I have been on both sides of this situation.  I had an experience where I was dating someone who cared WAY more for me than I did for him.  He was a gentle, good soul, but whatever IT is, IT just wans't there.  He thought that over time I would "grow" to love him.  I didn't and I knew that I never would.  This was not a terribly long relationship, but I felt a lot of pain and did a lot of soul searching.  He really was a sweet man, but I just didn't feel for him the way he felt for me. It just wasn't fair for him to have a level of love for me that could never be reciprocated and it wasn't fair to me to stay in a relationship that I knew would go nowhere for me. I never thought I could break someone's heart and I wish I hadn't had to. Prior to this man, I was with someone who I loved but was not loved in return.  My husband of 22 years.  I felt devastated, and I spent nearly a year grieving the loss of my marriage.  Realizing the marriage was over and that my husband felt this way a long time before we actually split was gut wrenching.  Then one day, I just decided to get myself out there again and start dating via an online dating service.  The gentleman mentioned in paragraph one was the first person I had dated after my break-up and grieving process.   Now I am with the love of my life.  You will find the love of your life too someday.  You are meant to be with someone who loves you at least as much as you love them.  That person is out there, it just wasn't the one you thought you wanted.  I say thought you wanted, because when you do find that love of your life, you will wonder why you spent so much time trying to get someone to love you and not enough time searching for someone who could love you forever.I am sorry for your pain and I wish you the best of luck.  God Bless!
What should people watch out for if they decide to purchase long-term care insurance?
I bought mine last year, a month before I turned 65. I almost waited too late, because the premiums get higher the older you are.I liked the broker who found my policy. He was on my state’s Insurance Dept. website, and his advice was invaluable. First, decide on the premium you can afford, not only now, but after retirement. Secondly, look for a policy that pays you a certain amount per day, no matter if you’re home or in a facility. Thirdly, look at their waiting period. These policies kick in when you can no longer perform two of six “abilities of daily living,” like walking or cooking or bathing. A fair number of us die within three months of something catastrophic happening, so if your policy has a three-month waiting period -oh, well, you’re dead and can’t get any benefits. Finally, if you can afford it, get built-in inflation protection.Finally, do everything you can to make sure the premium won’t go up very much, if at all. I’m paying $3500 a year for a 30-day waiting period, $150-a day allowance, and inflation protection. I figure it’s a bit like a savings account: in 15 years when I might need it, its $52K saved. (but the policy is worth something like $600K).After realizing the burden of care we can potentially be to our kids, I wanted a policy. I want to go hang out in an old folks• home and relive my glory days from my wheel chair, in between yoga classes.
Can an INFP-INFP relationship work? What is it like?
We met a week before my birthday through my coworker, and we talked until 5:30am. Those who know me know I’m not shy, but that I’m a better listener and contribute only when necessary. Those who understand INFPs, know how amazing it is for us when we find someone we really LOVE talking to and relate to and seem to understand us. It’s like finding a leprechaun or unicorn or finding out you have a multi-million dollar inheritance, but a lot better.I could see that he would go out of his way, always, to make me feel special and also make me feel comfortable. He knew my needs before I did, and vice versa.If I was in a bad mood, he would go into another room so I could have my space, even if I was in his house. INFPs tend not to like to talk things out or have confrontation and argue. We’re ‘mediators• so we often just need time and space to return to our very laid-back selves.Eventually I moved away from the city but we skyped and talked every day. Whenever I visited, he would have a bouquet of flowers and a card and restock his apartment with all of my favorite snacks. He also knew I liked yoga but I was a recent college grad and thought it was too expensive in the city, so he would gift me subscriptions to yoga.He was the most amazing teacher. He taught me how to play piano, bass guitar, how to code a website, the rules of basketball (and now I’m obsessed with the NBA), etc.As INFPs, we understand nuances and details. We always choose experiences over material possessions. We put quality over quantity for everything, including friends. We always try to better the lives of people around us, often at our own sake. Because our values aligned so well, we got along extremely well. I would often tell him not to be so nice to his friends when I saw it was affecting his mental or physical health and he would tell me the same.We rarely fought. And we never really got jealous. Once Alex told me there was an old friend of his who asked him to lunch a few times and that he thought she started texting him again because of troubles with her boyfriend. He said he avoided having lunch with her, but she kept asking so he asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her. This was one of the biggest differences between my relationship with him and other guys. Trust.He did everything to make me trust him. He was my rock. And he trusted me. Even if I invited Alex out with a few a guy from work who invited me to party, if he was content playing guitar and watching a movie, he would tell me to enjoy myself. If I needed a ride back, he would pick me up. I felt safe and comfortable.Then life happened. I moved further west and he moved further east. On top of that, he and I both had huge events in our lives that really stressed us out. He’s the only ex I talk to once in a while as I am for him, and he always asks me to call him if I ever need help. We talked about marriage at the end, and he said he never brought it up before because I was younger and he thought I needed space and time to explore new things.Ours is the only INFP-INFP relationship I’ve known, but I think anyone would be lucky to be in one. INFPs are the kinds of friends you need in your life. We are loyal and go above and beyond to improve the lives of our friends even behind their backs, especially for the ones close to us. It’s really an amazing feeling to be loved in return exactly how you need, without ever having to ask for it, especially because you’re so unique and misunderstood.
What are the long term health consequences of Mr. Harvey Dent's open face wound? How should he care for this condition to prevent infection?
To be able to answer the long-term part, we need to see what needs to happen short-term:He would not have been able to leave that wound like that: any hospital in their sane mind would have started with a few basic interventions:Put the guy in an artificial coma and some serious painkillers: He will probably have some nerve endings that aren't completely destroyed by the burns. Add to that the extensive jaw involvement from which I expect his teeth and gums to have some of the nerves reacting too, this will give him some of the worst pain imaginable. Nobody can tough it out through that kind of pain. Not even a very pissed-off Harvey Dent. Actually, even Chuck Norris would cry like a baby with a wound like that (that's a pure hypothetical because we all know Norris does not get wounded). Put him in a sterile room. He's a walking time bomb infection-wise with that open burn, hence the sterile room. More on that later.An extensive removal of all the necrotic (dead, burnt) tissue, as this impairs wound healing and gives room for all sorts of germs to grow.An extensive covering of the wound in the best antibiotic dressings available, and an aggressive intravenous prophylaxis with wide-spectrum antibiotics. Again, an open wound like that is a haven for any form of nasty bacteria that could kill him in minutes through septic shock.Should he survive his primary stay in the hospital without dying of a horrible infection in sheer agony, once he is stable enough, he will need to be taken care of through plastic surgery, and multiple operations will be needed to even hope to restore his general outward appearance:Again removal of any dead tissue that has newly formed. Multiple times.An extensive series of autologous grafts to replace many of the muscles that seem to be lost in the burn on any vital tissue tissue or blood supply he has left. He will possibly also need some blood supply to be redirected from the other side of his face using redundant veins we can extract from other parts of his body to increase the chances that the tissue catches on. Most of it will not be functional, as most of the nerves on the burnt side are lost forever. It will mostly be to preserve the shape of his original face. Certain muscles of the leg are used for this kind of procedure IRL.An artificial eye. That eye looks very cool, but there's no way in hell it could have survived the mayhem that blew half his face to shreds intact, so either they have artificial eyes in the DC universe, or he will have to resort to a choice of prosthetic eyes and/or a very supervillain-friendly eyepatch. An extensive autologous (or, in Gotham, artificial) skin graft to replace all the lost skin. Mr. Dent looks like a big guy, so the skin flap above one of his two quadriceps could be used to cover his face in new skin.AFTER ALL THIS In the long term:- IF he doesn't get a serious infection or other complication that kills him in the first few weeks of any of the many, many subsequent repair procedures.- IF none of the grafts get rejected, putting him again at risk of serious septic reaction and possibly disfiguring him forever.and-IF he has a brilliant team of plastic surgeons who takes perfect care of this (which is probable considering both his status and fortune):He will very possibly survive and most of the shape of his face could be reconstructedAny form of facial expression in that side will be largely absent (cf. nerve damage)His eye will be lost.I'm also very curious to what extent his jaw resonance and oro-glossic speech can be restored. With such destruction of half his jaw musculature and coverings, his speech might change a lot and he'll involuntarily resort to speaking more from the throat and/or with less movement of his jaw and partly destroyed mouth.It will take him months before he can even hope to chew on anything, and that will be never the same again as the damaged side won't participate.Same goes with normal speech.He'll need to either adopt a Donald Trump hairdo or go bald seeing the damage to his scalp.Looking at the extent of the original damage on this image, chances are slim his face will look completely normal, although plastics has made some amazing advances in this field and I expect Gotham, with all the freaks living there, to be at least as good.
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